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Hey Hey Hooligan

Hey! Hey! Hooligan, a Celtic-infused punk rock band from Virginia, are here to jig, rock, and drink. Riding on the success of their first single, “The Ballad of Fergal O’Shea”, their debut album, “Tall Tales & Bitter Ales”, is an amalgamation of punk, folk, rock, Celtic and country music colliding with a drunken back alley brawl. They’ve taken their brand of “Drunk Rock” up and down the East Coast to mass acclaim. Raise your glasses and cheers to rock n roll! The Hooligans are here to party.

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Bryan Dunn

Bryan Dunn is a Virginia Beach native who’s been playing professionally in the Hampton roads area since 1996. His musical journey as a cover artist quickly led him to be intensely skillful at learning multiple different genres and adapting to new ones to accommodate audiences. Always engaging and entertaining, Bryan loves taking requests and surprising his listeners.

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Steve Forss Duo

Steve Forss is a singer/songwriter/guitarist in the Virginia Beach area.  His passion for music has lead him to pursue the life of a career musician.  Moving from Indianapolis, IN to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia Beach in 2004, Steve began his quest to sustain basic needs through musical performance compensation.  Through many years of dedication, networking and hard work, he has been able to live his dream.

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The Gold Sauce

The Gold Sauce, named for a spicy, sticky, sweet, straight to your gut wing sauce. Brings the heat. Their unique blend of funk, soul, blues and boogie keeps fans coming back and makes new believers at every show. For years now the group has filled their calendar strictly based on reputation and word of mouth. One listen, and you’ll know why. This trio of very seasoned professionals will have you dancing and cheering all night. 

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