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Hey Hey Hooligan

Hey! Hey! Hooligan, a Celtic-infused punk rock band from Virginia, are here to jig, rock, and drink. Riding on the success of their first single, “The Ballad of Fergal O’Shea”, their debut album, “Tall Tales & Bitter Ales”, is an amalgamation of punk, folk, rock, Celtic and country music colliding with a drunken back alley brawl. They’ve taken their brand of “Drunk Rock” up and down the East Coast to mass acclaim. Raise your glasses and cheers to rock n roll! The Hooligans are here to party.

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EverAfter is an amazing three piece band from southeastern Virginia. Fronted by the powerhouse vocal abilities of bass guitarist Stacie Stephens, the group covers some of the best songs of the last 5 decades! Rock, Pop, Country, and Dance, nothing is off limits! They will be playing at Big Woody’s – Great Bridge!

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Chesapeake Square Events

Jacob Vanko Band

Jacob Vanko Band, who’s music is “touching on themes of blue-collar life, addiction, social injustice and family from first-hand experiences brings a distinct intimacy to the songs all audiences can relate to and appreciate, will be playing live at Big Woody’s – Chesapeake Square!

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Virginia Beach Events


Wonderland is a 4-piece high-energy band with no boundaries. From rock to dance to alternative, classics to roots to country….music to move your soul and your feet. Comprised of veterans from some of the biggest local bands, Wonderland delivers plenty of familiar tunes. As seasoned multi-instrumentalists, the group also branches out on occasion to blend different songs with different genres to great effect. Come out for a fun time at Big Woody’s – Virginia Beach!

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